Wilmarose Orlanes began her career in the fashion industry as a visual display artist and merchandiser after earning  a Visual Communication degree from FIDM. She went on to open an event design and planning studio where she produced weddings and events of all sizes and styles. Her creative portfolio expanded when she began styling and directing photoshoots and overall brand presentations for design-forward companies in the wedding industry. This is where she honed her craft for visual communication and story telling.

Today, she is sought after for her keen eye, creative solutions, and overall aesthetic input when it comes to visual communications through photos, spaces, and experiences. It was never only about the details for her... it's the bigger picture and the story unfolding that drives her and inspires her.


prop stylist . creative director . portrait stylist . onsite event stylist . visual story teller



+ I am a wife and mama in los angeles

+ I was born in NJ and grew up in Nigeria (africa - port harcourt) for a bit. I've lived in Southern CA since I was about 5 years old. I always say that my heart and stomach belong to the Bay Area.. and one day I will call it home.

+ I love a great cup of coffee - hot or cold. I don't add any sugar and will only take a splash of almond milk.

+ I basically work out so I can eat all the dessert and french fries... because BALANCE duh. My top choices - cinnamon sugar cake donuts, chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, and of course french fries (crispy on the outside and buttery soft on the inside!).

+ I'm an introverted extrovert. I can share so much of myself and be engaged in large groups - but I also relish in the quiet of my home or on a bench by the ocean.